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Additions to my Collections!

denkimouse! I got your package today! Wee! They're so tiny and cute! Thankfully the packaging protected the figurines cause my mailbox was wet from the rain this morning.

Wee! Packages for Kitten!Collapse )

Pokemon! Pokemon! Pokemon! Let's Do It!

Jennifer(lineaalba)! I have recieved your skitty keychain! thank you so much! It's adorable! *hooks it onto her PotC bag* :3

New Pokemon Stuff!Collapse )

Man I'm gonna go broke. XD Damn you EBay and the Edison Mall!

what I'm bidding on EBayCollapse )
My love for Mewtwo stuff is undeniable. XD The keychain is up to $20.00 but if that dude outbids me, I'm giving up on it due to the fact it'll be way too much then for a keychain.

Also I recived my Mewtwo T-shirts today! W00t!

EDIT: NOOOO! I DIDNT WIN THE PLUSH!!!! someone took it from me(out bid me) when I was napping! TT_TT I did win the keychain but I wanted that plush the most!

Mewtwo Fanart!

If Mewtwo could breed...Collapse )

Found by the lovely rukarioh
Art by nukascrue@deviantart.com

They're so cute! *wishes he could breed in the games now!*


Pokeymanz...let me show u demzCollapse )

I have a pikachu plush that talks, ears move, cheeks light up when you press its paws but I forgot to take a picture of it.