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Introduction, Collection and a Sale

Well, being a huge Mewtwo fan I joined this community awhile ago and kept meaning to post...but I kept putting it off. ^^; So have a look under the cuts for my collection as well as a little something I'm selling. ^^

Mewtwo has been one of my favourite Pokémon for a very long time. Admittedly, the first time I saw Mewtwo Strikes Back I wasn't that impressed since the plot didn't seem really epic and there wasn't any *real* battling, I guess. But a year or so after when I saw it again, I was really able to appreciate Mewtwo's character and the plotline, and I just fell in love with Mewtwo and his emoness. Serious love, too - my fangirlyness tends to scare some people. :3

Not a huge collection, no - especially not compared to SOME collectors of the clone I've seen that have totally blown my mind. While I don't buy Mewtwo merchandise every time I see something I don't already own, I still like to take what I can.

Now, from left to right we have three original Tomy Mewtwos; one's mine, one used to be my sister's and one used to be my cousins.
Thanks to a trade with fernchu I got that awesome phone charm awhile back - thanks SO much!
Then there's the little disk that came with the Tomys, and a fair few Topps cards from the first movie.
Then a sticker from a sheet with other Psychics, and Mewtwo's on the back of one of those Burger King cards (barely visable).
Of course you can't miss the GIANT KNAPSACK PLUSHIE I sleep with every night and whom I love dearly. :D
Some Mewtwo promo whose origins I have forgotten is propped up against the Mewtwo Returns VHS, but gawd I wish I had the Mewtwo Strikes Back DVD! ;;

and now


Long story short, these are not supposed to be avaiable anymore. However by some stroke of luck, my local mall happened to have a machine with them, and I nearly bought it out in the end. XD

And after putting in nearly 20 bucks, I DID get a Mewtwo!

A bit hard to see, but it wasn't easy taking a picture without opening the capsule. ^^;

Anyhow, I am selling this bad boy - brand new and completely unopened! Looking for about $2.10 for it (out of circulation, only one I got, don't want to have used so much money and not selling the other ones plus I'm in Canada and out dollar's worth a tad bit more). I take Paypal, and I'm open to negotiation, including trades. I don't yet know the shipping cost, but it will come with a free drawn comission or any Pokémon you want. Give a holler if you're interested! ^^



Apr. 7th, 2008 01:07 am (UTC)
Well if you have any extra Mewtwo figures I WOULD BE SO HAPPY TO TRADE FOR ONE!

The $17.25 you sent will be fine to help cover the shipping either way, and if we don't end up doing a trade I'll just add on the $2.10, but a trade would be <3.

Amd I STILL need to find those stupid top loader thingies. >>



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